Manor Junior School

In May 2016, textile artist Clare McEwan worked with all students to create a range of artworks for permanent display around the school interior. The focus was to celebrate the life of the school, reaching 80 years old this year.   ‘Building the School for the Future’ was the theme throughout the artworks, imagining the look and feel of the school in years to come.

The objective for the entire project was to offer the students an exciting and positive experience whilst creating high quality, long lasting pieces of work which would engage the whole school community.

Each year group developed their own large scale work in a range of mediums such as ceramics, textile fabric printing, 3d sculpting and photography.

Here are some images from the year 6 session on creative photography.  Students created digital imagery using a light box, translucent materials and digital cameras. The theme was based on futuristic school architecture and grounds at Manor Junior School.  Following the photographic session, students worked in Adobe Photoshop Elements with their teachers to develop their imagery, adjusting brightness, contrast, colour and creating layers.  Clare pre-recorded a ten minute video tutorial in Photoshop Elements for students to follow in their own time.