The New Creative

You may have heard me talk about The New Creative, a set of online resources I have been developing over the last year.  To kick start the project, I have launched a series of free tutorials on YouTube this January 2018.

The tutorials include photo walks, experimental drawing, sculpting, mono printing and Adobe Photoshop.  They are designed to support each person to build their own collection of abstract imagery over a short period of time – spread over a day, a weekend, a week or a month – you choose.  By following a series of techniques and ideas I wanted to offer a ‘way in’ to being visually creative.  This content aims to be both purposeful and accessible in terms of your time and resources.

If you like the sound of a mixed media approach, interested in abstraction, texture, colour and shape, then this is for you!

To get a feeling for some of the content, have a watch of my Photo Walk Introduction video.  I use the idea of the Photo Walk as a starting point for creating original and personal imagery.  A great warm up exercise for a new creative project.

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