Carving the View – Hythe Street

Dartford Creative: Art in the Public Realm 2016

Printed vinyl over 20m of Hythe Street railings (photo credit Praxis Creative Photography)

Clare was one of four selected artists commissioned to create temporary artworks for the town of Dartford.

Clare created two installations for Dartford capturing the viewpoints and architecture of the town centre, titled Caving the View.  Using photography, mono-printing and drawings of Dartford, Clare presented two large scale works making use of a lenticular process – allowing multiple images to be viewed from different angles.  One of the installations is shown here as an exterior piece for Hythe Street, using printed vinyl on the railings.  More information about the project can be followed in Clare’s blog.

This project was a partnership of Dartford Creative, Dartford Borough Council, Icon Theatre, Francis Knight Art Consultancy and Arts Council England.

Dartford Creative is an arts programme that is funded by Dartford Borough Council and Arts Council England, exploring ways in which artists and local people can get involved in arts and cultural activity in Dartford.